Chiarandà & Ben Ryé Vintage 2005 Community enlarged Appointments

Unlike the dry years, 2005 was cool and rainy; weather that delayed grape ripening.

Harvesting began at the Donnafugata estate at Contessa Entellina on August 16, with nighttime picking of the white grapes, which are expected to yield highly scented white wines.

Where the red grapes are concerned, harvesting of the Merlot has ended; Cabernet Sauvignon and Nero d’Avola will be picked by the end of September. There are excellent forecasts for the reds, since the early-September rains aided the balance between sugars and polyphenols.

On Pantelleria, Zibibbo harvesting began on August 16 in the zones of earlier ripening, like Martingana and Dietro l’Isola, and is being completed at this moment.
Donnafugata on Pantelleria. Zibibbo harvesting.
Despite some rainfall early in September, alcohol content is good and aromas are full and intense.

There are all the premises for an excellent year featuring elegance and aromas. However, we obviously have to wait for harvesting and fermentation to end before expressing a final judgment.
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